green sea cruisers

RAND Boats is a pioneering producer of innovative and modern sports boats. Founded and based in Copenhagen, Denmark, with deep roots in Scandinavian design and Danish craftsmanship. RAND Boats requested a website and custom configurator capable of showcasing their unique approach to the design and creation of sports boats.

pawing the

custom configurator

we have developed RANDs online boat configurator in close collaboration with their talented 3D artists.


We have helped RAND develop and maintain their website. Some of the tasks have been to optimise the user experience, improving site performance, search engine optimisation and more.


Perfomance is key to configurators

Ever since the launch of Need for Speed Underground we have been dreaming of making our own online product configurator. Of the learnings we obtained during the development process we have to highlight the importance of speed and accessibility. There is no doubt that 3D visuals and AR gives that wow-factor, but the technology is heavy and can result in exhausting waits while the systems loads.

The importance of Ocean preservation

Most modern boats have an engine. 90% of those engines runs on a fossil fuels. The consequences of pollution are extremely damaging to us and the sea inhabitants. Working with the worlds leading company within electric boats, RAND Boats, we have been more aware of the importance of the green movement in the boating industry.

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