When the kitchen deserves the best

Køl og Komfur finds, sells and tailors the most exclusive brands in ovens, stoves, burners and refrigerators, and delivers complete solutions for uncompromising kitchens.

ILVE stove with transparent background

Creating an exclusive experience

We have worked in closely with the K&K owner Imran on creating a unique “entering the shop” feeling for Køl og Komfurs Shopify webshop. Tailored UI design, virtual showroom and online booking are among the features we help give birth to. 

we made custom landing pages for prestigious kitchen brands such as
Gray Quooker logo PNG

virtual showroom

Covid has shown everyone the importance of enabling unique customer service. With a virtual 3D showroom you can get that same feeling of being present in a shop.

Rocket Espresso Machine R9

product maintenance

Besides development and design we assists Køl og Komfur on onboarding new kitchen brands with unique landing pages and product customization.

A GIF showcasing stills and UI design from the work we have done for Køl & Komfur


High end online retail requires attention to design

When people shop at Køl og Komfur they don’t just buy a product - they buy a brand and a lifestyle. It gives you a persona. There it is important that you can tab into that lifestyle through quality images of the products in their natural habitats. Since Imran took over the family owned shop from his father he has paid a special interest to the those exact details with great success.

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