Køl og Komfur

Our involvement

Since 2020, we have expanded and enhanced Køl og Komfur's digital footprint, focusing on building a responsive Shopify webshop as the cornerstone of their online presence.

Køl og Komfur
Køl og Komfur

Presenting the finest within kitchen appliances

Køl & Komfur offers the finest assortment of kitchen appliances and food gadgets you can imagine. It is simply where you go, when the kitchen is more than just a place to cook: it becomes the center of your home. Behind the store is Imran Arshad, who has refined the business he took over from his father, who started the company back in 1984.

Køl & Komfur is a long time partner of Reepco Studio. Together we have designed the online store from ground up. As a platform, we went for Shopify which at the time, was our first meeting with the fast growing ecommerce platform. Not only was the technology new, but we also had the difficult task of expressing the feeling of entering the Køl & Komfur store in a digital version. Finally, we had to showcase well renowned brands such as ILVE, La Canche, PITT Cooking in a respectful manner - where it was not just presented as an everyday product.

“Køl og Komfur represents the finest within cooking equipment, curated from almost 40 years searching for the finest products. Mikkel and his team understood the atmosphere of my company early on the process and helped me define my online presence. That level of consultancy has been invaluable."

Imran Arshad | Owner at Køl & Komfur

Custom product configurator built in Shopify

In 2023 we decided to take further steps into creating the unique user journeys, by developing a custom online configurator to allow clients to build their own version of Steel Cucine range cookers. Instead of following the traditional check-out process, we went ahead with a contact form. Why? Because buying a range cooker requires more than measures: it has to be fitted for your everyday cooking purpose.

We built a custom product configurator for Køl og Komfur, allowing their clients to completely customise and request their own range cookers for brands like Italian heritage artisans Steel Cucine, including all available options for colorways, hobs and accessories, with real time updating visuals and pricing on the current configuration. The solution is integrated directly in Shopify, with unique links between  products and configurator.. With time, customers will be able to explore and configure an even broader range of the products dealt in the Køl & Komfur universe.

“Having the ability and power of doing something different, makes the task so much more exciting. With the Steel Cucine Configurator we’ve taken our configurator platform to new territories. A territory we are eager to build out and discover even more.”

Mikkel Skafte | Founder of Reepco Studio



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